Luxe Beauty Line up


Just when you thought gorgeous, toxfree, effective and affordable wasn’t possible in one product for your beauty bae needs. 

Not only are these easy makes kind to you, your wallet / skin / pocket + the planet.. They are also amazingly mood & emotionally supportive too.


Do yourself a favour;
Love yourself enough to embrace your inner alchemist and make these items for yourself, and love yourself with mindful kindness as you use them.

Something powerful happens not only when we creatively use the right side of our brains, but then also the inspired joy that comes with blessing yourself when using something crafted by your own heart + hands.

Please note

I only ever use the highest grade natural products I can source, as well as the highest grade essential oil plant medicine on the planet so cannot vouch for an other products.

Please research and choose your ingredients carefully and refer to dilution charts prior (there are some doterra relative references in my 101 Basics Blog section.

Skin test prior to use to ensure they are safe and suitable for your own unique composition and skin needs.

Doterra essential oils are incredibly pure and safe when used as intended. They are also very powerful and potent, so always uses as instructed and start small until you build from there.

If you choose to use anything else, do so at your own discretion.

E N J O Y + H A V E  F U N

In beuaty, love + light always

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