The Journey


Despite my degrees and many qualifications, I’m no doctor here to prescribe.

My journey -laden with tremendous emotional and physical challenges, some I wonder how I even survived- have taught me more than I could imagine.
Experience from which I can guide you x

Vital lessons in forming the person I am today and accolades in life no degree could possibly earn. We are capable of transforming ourselves in any moment

And is this reason WHY I am here;

My purpose, calling; and why I love leading people to their OWN empowered transformation

Read on if you’re keen to learn a little more..


I love life. Fiercely. But have also had a love hate relationship with being a human on this planet..

Despite being forever in awe of the potential of the human soul since I can remember, the pain and suffering of the world, as well as what my soul endured, saw me slowly die on the inside for decades. At the time I felt I was failing at life. I kept on doing the human ‘stuff’ smiling and really enjoyed those moments too- Becoming a mum, playing house, studying and celebrating milestones,. However the overwhelming feeling of melancholy suffocated me. I increasingly became anxious, depressed, reactive, scared, and despondent, at a whim of the world and anything could trigger me into panic.

I’m a great mum + love it! But being happy or calm was proving to be a daily battle. 
I tried with everything I had to calm the raging storm within, as I was petrified at snapping.
Before long my body started deteriorating. I had chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, my hair fell out, skin was grey, inflamed, bloated, withdrawn, sore, scared and had digestive issues that severe I reacted to almost everything I consumed. I lost many friends and family as the silent disease of my inner war consumed me.

When I was finally diagnosed with autoimmune disease, depression and anxiety I thought my life was over. I was only in my early 30s with 3 young amazing kids I thought would never have the mum or life they deserved. I’ve believed they would be better off without me and considered that ‘way out’ more times than I honestly want to admit.

Still though, I knew I would find a way back. Being considerably stubborn, I refused from the beginning to subscribe to pharmaceuticals for my physical or mental health conditions.

It is this fire that ignited my insatiable path to healing. Which has led me here.

Though this ongoing journey & transformation of self, I know anyone can do this for themselves too x